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[a winter season of recharging + detoxing following the holidays]

January is exciting with all the new goals and determination to start fresh, but February is where the struggle gets real for me! I have the planner, the goals and the pantry is cleaned out (so long cupcakes and Cheetos). I have a new determination and motivation that tells myself it is time to get back on track!

I feel desperate to recharge from the year while trying to detox from all the holiday junk! And not just junk food- but the emotional, stress junk!

Can anyone else relate? Side note, why do all the best holidays have to be one right after the other? Come on! I need my calories spaced out, please and thank you! How many more Reese’s peanut butter cup shapes can they make? Now it’s time for the heart shapes, and Lord help me, chocolate bunnies!

We had enough stress before and during the holidays! Now we have another whole new year and…

The struggle is real! Trying to stay motivated and encouraged during the winter months when you wake up in the dark and get off work in the dark – it’s draining! Not to mention that little friend called Netflix (as if we, as adults, need one more thing to make us practice self-control). Yet, here we are, responsible (okay, kind of, sometimes) grown adults wasting countless hours binge watching season after season on Netflix. Not to mention the fact (that I just made up, but let’s be real, we know it’s true) that watching TV makes you hungry. Can I have my Cheetos back now?

And then, just when you finally start cooking again (a meal that doesn’t contain 3 sticks of butter and 2lbs of cheese), walking at lunch or getting that workout in – it SNOWS!!! And what happens when it snows? Pure pandemonium! Everyone has to get to the grocery store! I mean run to the grocery store because you got to get your bread and milk, right?! Thery’e calling for 2” of snow (which means a dusting) but you must go – go now! Get your bread and milk! Really? Bread & milk? Because this girl – if I am going to get snowed in - I want to be snowed in with Cheetos and Swiss Cake Rolls (little packages of sin rolled up for me to enjoy).

So maybe you are like me and you need some motivation and encouragement for 2019. Reset, let’s go…

Some helpful reminders:

  • Check my “recharge” source. Am I reading more memes and inspirational quotes on Pinterest and Instagram than I am turning the pages in my Bible? Am I starting my day with quiet time and prayer time that I know will help recharge me? By the way, that’ll make my day, and everyone I’m around, so much better.

  • Spend quality time with my husband, friends and family instead of binging on Netflix. I know, it’s hard, especially when it’s freezing outside, but do it.

  • Clean out the pantry! Literally get rid of the junk. If you buy it, you’ll eat it. Can I get a ‘kale yeah’?!

  • Plan a fun night out with friends. Go bowling, see a play, plan a game night!

  • Surround yourself with people who encourage you!

  • Laugh. Stop taking everything so seriously and surround yourself with people who see the good and make you laugh. It’s gotta burn a bunch of calories, too, right?

I know for many of us, winter can be a long season (and everyone with a toddler said amen). It can be an extremely difficult time when trying to stay motivated and trying to focus on good things that are good for us! But don’t forget GRACE! Show yourself grace! One snow at a time. One grocery trip at a time. One Swiss Cake Roll - I mean kale leaf - at a time.

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