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About me

Hey, friends!

I’m Stephanie Carter – a Jesus following wife & mama (in law) to Andy (hubby), Brandon, and Shana.

Life moves FAST as you all know, so some days, I’ll have ‘I want my babies to be little again’ moments and others, I float next to Andy on the lake thinking, ‘empty nesting isn’t so bad!’

I grew up in church – typical ‘PK’ (pastor’s kid) who accepted Jesus at 11 years old (hallelujah)! Fast forward to 2001 and I truly found the freedom and grace that Jesus offers (even bigger hallelujah). Now I’m in ministry with my hubby! How lucky is he?!

Here’s what I love and what I want to share with you: fun, laughter, date nights, road trips, home décor, small towns and cool antique shops. I want you to be encouraged and at home here. I want you to feel inspired to organize, find a good deal, dance in your car to your favorite song and throw a party for your friends. Most of all, I want you to feel the grace and freedom I’ve found in Jesus! You’ll see all my crazy – okay, maybe not all of it (that’s a lot), but you’re going to see a good bit of my crazy, and hopefully you’ll be able to relate.

Here’s what you’re not going to see on my site: stuffy, fake, judgement. Jesus isn’t that way, so I’m not either. I’ll keep it real – promise.


Follow along with me as I figure out life through marriage, ministry and messy moments.

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