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Can WD-40 Be Applied To Body Parts!

Me and Dad
Me and Dad at Carowinds. "Come on Dad, we don't have time for selfies!"

Can WD-40 Be applied to body parts?

I remember falling in love with my husband. His laughter, funny quotes (most of which I never had heard before) and crazy facial expressions. He was so easy going, laid back and steady (everything that I wasn’t and so needed).

He loved Jesus, good food, adventures, and he loved roller coasters (what else does a girl need?)

I remember the day my parents stopped riding roller coasters. I then associated that with getting old and just giving up! How could anyone go to an amusement park and chose watching shows and eating over riding roller coasters (one after the other my favorite).

A few years back, we had fallen into this rut of feeling like we were becoming boring adults. We had made numerous trips and vacations near some of my favorite places, none of which involved roller coasters.

Like most adventures, I convinced Andy that we should take a day off of work and drive to Dollywood and do nothing but ride roller coasters. No shows, no shopping, and no stopping to eat! This would help us feel young again and was an investment in our marriage (that is what I call our adventures and date nights).

So off we go determined to be some of the first on the newest roller coaster “Lightning Rod” (that should have told us to hold up, wait a minute) but no! We wanted to feel young and cool and share posts about us being just that! We wanted to make fun of the boring old people who didn’t ride roller coasters, ‘cause, ya know, we’re cool.

God helps us! We rode, we rocked and rolled…and we regretted. Disclaimer: wooden roller coasters should not even be in the same category as steel. Not even close. I did ride Wild Eagle a few times in a row. I did and I’m still cool.

Where was the WD-40? We felt like we had been struck by lightning! Our heads hurt, our bodies ached, we could barely walk! I nearly lost a tooth, or at least it felt like it. I needed a unlimited supply of Icy Hot for a month after that trip. Another disclaimer: apply only where the directions say is safe. Oh, Lordy.

Then, to drown out our sorrows, we stopped by the Grist Mill for Cinnamon Bread on the way out (if you haven’t tried this you should get a season pass just to go and get this. Seriously, you have to eat this stuff). We left the park that day feeling a bit discouraged and definitely not feeling as young as we once were.

So here we are at the 50 mark! Andy turned 50 Christmas Eve and I’m almost there (you can buy me a cupcake May 12).

How can this be? And how in the world can we get excited about this? We used to think 50 was so old. Now we’re there! I refuse to act old, though.

We have places to go, people to see, and things to do. We still have a mortgage. I still haven’t figure out how to win the lottery or the best pore refining, wrinkle reducing eye serum.

Instead of focusing on:

The fact that the AARP is sending us more letters than Noah sent to Allie in The Notebook

Focus on:

That we are getting older together! We are healthy (as long as we put down the cupcakes, Cheetos and Cinnabread). We still have a lot of living to do – memories to make and adventures to go on.

So, for 50 we created a Carters Turning 50 Bucket List.

I love date nights, adventures, and I love (well, loved) birthdays, and you should too!

  • We need intentional time with our spouses!

  • Investing quality time into your spouse is vital for a healthy marriage.

  • We need date nights without the kids, talk of bills or the slightly concerning noise the car is making.

  • We need adventures!

  • Now, more than ever, we need fun!

  • And we need to celebrate birthdays (with lots of TJ Maxx gift cards, hint hint).

Date nights, laughter, adventure are musts! Some days – Icy Hot is a must, too!

We can’t wait to share our bucket list adventures with you along the way.

Before and after “Lightning Rod” - if you are above the age of 12, ride at your own risk.



I’m with Staci... all I can think about is WD40 being applied to body parts! Bahaha! But truly great reminder to enjoy life at ALL ages and seasons!


Your so funny!!! I understand the before and after! We are at the point we need to prove we can do somethings! Travel is one! Funny how I don’t mind cutting out others! Like cleaning closets or basement anything you can’t see! Lol


I am enjoying your posts so much, Stephanie. Thank you! Intentional time with our spouses...yes! Love that phrase.


Stephanie, you are a hoot...a totally awesome hoot, tho!! Girl, don't fret 50! My 50 hit me with cancer, 2 surgeries, chemo, radiation and about 3 days of fear... 3 days of fear when I first heard the news... The 3rd day was when I remembered that I was 50 and I wasnt afraid of anything...naaah... For real the 3rd day was when I told Satan where to go and I put it all in Jesus' hands where it belonged. But truly, being 50 made a difference. 25 year old Rhonda wouldn't have, couldn't have dealt the way 50 year old Rhonda did. 50 meant I was strong and wise and downright tough... I already had battle scars to pr…


Never been a roller coaster rider..... but hey - give me a tilt-a-whirl and I'm a teenager again!!! Love this post!!!

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