Its been since last August since I posted on my blog and maybe later I can share the reasons why.

But as I scrolled through my old blog post I found the post I called “March Madness”! How fitting “March Madness”!!! Anyone else feel that March was madness?

As I reread this blog post and the 10 ways to survive winter – I believe that can be applied to our current quarantine! It just looks a little different but some of the struggles still remain.

So here is my updated list:

  1. GRACE! GRACE! GRACE!!! Never ever changes no matter what month, what season, or pandemic – God’s GRACE is sufficient!

  2. Call a friend! Like call them and check on them! Ask how they are doing and make a lunch date for when it is safe!

  3. Tell someone you are sorry! Perhaps it’s a spouse (Lord knows we have all been together enough to get on each other’s last nerve), a family member, a co-worker – we can say we are sorry no matter where we are! And it really does change everything!

  4. Amen to Eastern Daylight Savings Time! When you clock out – get outside and let the sunshine hit your face! It does a soul good!

  5. I miss planning parties but I have loved slowing down and just being home. Plan a party with your spouse or kids! Pull out the fancy table cloth and make dinner seem extra special! If you are like me and tired of cooking – just make a frozen pizza! 😊

  6. No better time to stick to your budget then when everything is closed! If you are still being tempted by online shopping – unsubscribe to those emails! Turn it off! Don’t keep temptation right in front of you! I have detoxed from TJ Maxx and it feels amazing!!! And I still am able to function! Who knew?

  7. Decorating – still my favorite! Allow yourself to be you and the freedom to make your home all about you! Don’t get caught up in the comparison game! I love this quote by Emily Burchfield she shared last week on our online gathering,“Becoming a Homeschool Family Overnight. Don’t compare! Get ideas from others but remember that families are different and priorities are different.”

  8. Laughter is truly the best medicine! Turn off the news and stop reading depressing stories!!! Memes for Jesus has been my favorite and always makes me laugh!

  9. Dance Dance Dance – still good for your health and typically brings a lot of laughter too! I don’t have “Tik Tok” but I have seen a few videos and it proves anyone can dance! Its free and its fun!!

  10. John 10:10 – memorize it!

Thank goodness we created this fun bucket list. Because honestly turning 50 is not so thrilling, especially when they make you drink a fluid that puts you in the bathroom for entirely too long! However, thanks to that, my summer weight loss program is off to a kicking start!

Back in February we shared out Carters Turning 50 Bucket List. Y’all, this has been too much fun.

Here are the 22 items completed (and photos for proof):

  1. Started a LifeGroup for empty nesters and call it “Freebirds”

  2. Saw the Grand Canyon

  3. Launched this blog

  4. Beach trip during the winter

  5. Drew & Ellie Holcomb concert

  6. Visited Sedona, Arizona (I could do 30 blog posts just on this town – so cute!)

  7. Keeping the weight down

  8. Escape Room Asheville

  9. Booked a trip to Jamaica with friends

  10. Sang karaoke

  11. Thrift shopping for a day

  12. Dance lessons

  13. Went to a downtown restaurant we’d never been to

  14. Cooked a meal we have never made

  15. Bought a (dream) lawnmower (Andy)

  16. Steph found a hobby!

  17. Made one change to our wardrobe

  18. Saw a cactus in the desert

  19. Took photo with the family in Christmas PJs at the beach in the winter

  20. Rode ATVs in the desert

  21. Invited our neighbor to our house

  22. Treated a friend to lunch

Coming soon: Trivia Night, Horseback riding, Andy driving a motorcycle, Steph taking a yoga class, contra dancing, family graveside, test drive a fancy RV…

What kind of bucket list have you made? Are you checking anything fun off your list this summer? I want to hear about it!

Hey – I’m Stephanie. Remember me? I started a blog and tried so hard to be consistent. But hey - life happens and it seemed to be happening faster than I could keep up.

But I’m back! & my theme for the blog, the reminder I tell myself daily, and love to tell others is GRACE (and cupcakes of course)!

I hope your summer is off to a great start! I am going to keep summer super simple and share with you some of my favorites: decorating, our turning 50 bucket list (this has been so fun), road trips, and date night ideas.

I hope you will join me here as we enjoy summer time together!

It’s been nearly nine months since we’ve moved into our dream home and I am close to having all of our seasonal décor organized (your girl has A LOT). Having storage definitely makes it easier but also gives my husband a glimpse into just how much stuff we have! Oops.

I have always loved decorating our home to go along with each season or fun holiday. Before Instagram and Pinterest, I would spend hours flipping through magazines to get ideas. Apparently, I am not the only one who has a thing for Rae Dunn, soft throws and pillows, because there are bloggers and zillions of photos about home and seasonal décor.

Here are my 10 tips on seasonal decorating:

  1. First – I love to start with cranking up one of my favorite Pandora stations. I love my Zumba Fitness Radio or Pop Fitness Radio. In my mind – this is the best way to get your cardio on!

  2. I typically start with the kitchen as everything happens here! From entertaining, to dinner with just the two of us, or just hanging out, the kitchen is the place to be! I start with removing all the visible pieces from my glass cabinets that are not a good fit for the next season or that I have used a lot. I love using our glass cabinets to showcase old family antiques and then mix in some new pieces. I then remove anything on the countertops and place everything on the island. It’s surprising how rearranging your pieces and placing them in other rooms can create an entirely new look.

  3. For the Living Room – I remove everything from the mantle, coffee table, side tables, and bookcase. Typically, I just add most of those items to the island so I can easily see all that I have and get creative. Next, I remove all the throws and pillows and pack up anything that is season specific. My favorite seasonal décor has always been throws and pillows. I can never get enough!

  4. My foyer table is absolutely one of my most favorite pieces. I found this long before we ever moved into our house at an antique store in Blowing Rock, NC. This is also one of my favorite areas for seasonal décor and the area where I love to just get creative.

  5. Dining Room: For now, I have old bookshelf I purchased years ago from Target. It has been fun using to display lots of my favorite Rae Dunn pieces. I love having fun with the table and the table linens. I usually start in the spring with a basic color scheme that I can keep going for the summer but just add in some seasonal pieces and change out the centerpieces. I have loved these farmhouse linens I found at TJ Maxx along with these galvanized chargers.

  6. Once I have everything cleared, I pick an area and choose pieces that have been used in another room/area. I’ll pull together items such as baskets, trays, candle sticks, floral pieces and just have fun with it. This is also where I take all my Rae Dunn pieces and switch them up. This can often take just a few minutes or hours (depending on how good my Pandora station is). This is also where I can get some fun dance moves in while staring at an area to see if I really like it as is.

  7. Next, I bring out my seasonal totes and put everything out to see what I have to work with. This is such a fun part because it’s amazing how you can forget what you have, purchased the day after the holiday on clearance, or sometimes it goes in the “why did I buy this?” tote. Tip: some seasonal décor can be used in multiple seasons. Often times my Christmas décor is used for Valentines Day and, of course, the reds from both can be used for 4th of July.

  8. My key seasonal pieces are always pillows, throws, welcome rug, table linens, floral pieces for centerpieces, and a few wooden pictures. I also love adding in a seasonal dish towel in the kitchen and hand towel in the guest bathroom. There are some seasons I completely go overboard with everything!

  9. My favorite stores for seasonal décor – TJ Maxx, Marshals, Target dollar spot, Hobby Lobby, Joann’s Fabric and Dollar Tree! Besides the fun of putting it all together – the thrill of the hunt is almost just as fun! For budget purposes – I always try to purchase seasonal items on sale, on clearance, or pieces that will last for years to come.

  10. For my final touches, I add some fun to the front door and front porch and finish with more pillows, throws, and tabletop for our screened-in porch (currently our favorite summer hang out spot)!

© 2019 by Stephanie Carter.

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