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Here we go again – but now it’s 2022!

Hello friends (old & new)!

Thanks for joining me back here on my blog. I can’t believe that my last blog post was in February…February 12, 2021 to be exact. Basically, I quit. I gave up.

I don’t consider myself a quitter. Actually, I am very driven and every time I have to do a personality test for work/team building, I score high for vision, drive and am just a goal-oriented person. So, why has it been so easy for me to quite something that I know in my heart God has called me to do?

Quite honestly, I spent most of 2021 trying to figure that out. I thought I had figured it out the first time I quit this thing, back in April of 2020. And the year before that, August 12, 2019. WOW! Notice a trend?

Even though I am disappointed with this start-quit-and-start-again pattern, God has shown me a lot. But let’s be clear – He’s not done teaching me. I’d say He has His work cut out for Him!

So, all of this leads me to a question I have for you: do you ever just feel disappointed in yourself? What about starting something new, in a new year? Perhaps you set a few goals with great intentions, but they didn’t pan out. Maybe COVID slowed things down, or turned your world upside down entirely. Maybe your marriage isn’t the fairytale you’d hoped. You might be hanging on by a thread.



Great reminders, my friend!


Hello there Stephanie, Well, even though I’m a guy, I really enjoyed reading your blog! Romans 8:28 is one of my favorite verses in the whole Bible, and I just about wore that verse out when I was in the hospital! Thanks for this blog! Love ya my friend!


The enemy definitely doesn’t want us to continue in the plans God has for us! The good news here is that you haven't given up! It takes more gumption yo start again than to just quit it and forget it!!


I so needed this! Thank you Stephanie!!!

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