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Valentine's Day Truth or Dare

Let me start by saying when you are reading any of my posts, just know that either I have already walked through that season (and God is still working on me) or I am currently in that season. And the things I write are the things that God is teaching me, reminding me, and growing me in - especially when it comes to marriage!

When it comes to marriage, I am the wife that is either on the mountain top or about to explode with my emotions. I never seem to be in the middle and I’m often kicking and screaming when God is gently lovingly talking to me about my husband.

If you remember one thing, just know that I am so (so) far from being the perfect wife or having the perfect marriage. I mean, some days are a struggle for this strong-willed woman (who loves Jesus) to keep my mouth shut! I really need rolls of duct tape (maybe I could wear them as bracelets) so that I can just tape it shut!

I can handle tough situations, treat complete strangers with kindness, survive the Walmart check-out line, but when God tells me to love my husband even pray for him even when…to encourage him even’s not so easy. Like, ‘WHAT ABOUT HIM, LORD?!’

Here’s an added layer: not only do I live with my husband; I work with my husband! And we work at a church together. That should make us super holy, right? Not quite. It just makes me need a little more duct tape.

So, I am writing this post for that someone who may be super discouraged and the thoughts of Valentine’s Day make you cringe. Let’s start with some truth.

We have to remember where our worth comes from. We have to remember who we are in Christ and that the Creator of the universe made us. We were created with an empty space only God can fill and there is no husband on this earth that God designed to totally complete and satisfy us. You can stop looking. He doesn’t exist. When we think that our husbands, a man who God created so unique, and completely different than us – is going to make our lives perfect, we are setting ourselves up for disappointment!

God not only created us but HE loves everything single quirky, broken, messy thing about us! Do you ever have a hard time believing that? I know I do. But He designed us and never wants us to be someone else. He doesn’t try to change our appearance, or look at us and think, ‘she should have not eaten those Girl Scout cookies.’ No - that is not who Jesus is!

He knows when I roll my eyes at my husband. He knows what I’m thinking and the condition of my heart; He still loves me! Because of His love, I can learn to love my husband the way God intended.

When you take two sinners and put them together, you won’t get perfection. Why do we expect that?! Men cannot read our minds. My husband certainly cannot. I have to remind myself that my husband is human and it’s my job to seek God first. This is how I love Him: dig into His Word and pray!

So, I have 10 dares for your marriage. Here it goes:

This is TRUTH!

I dare you to try it!


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