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10 Easy Tips for Decorating Your Home on a budget

A few years back I tried to count the number of times that I had moved. Until I was 18, I lived in the same house…and then the moving began…again and again. More than 25 times!

When I moved into my first home, we had nothing. If it wasn’t handed down from family, I just didn’t have it! I have lived in a tiny house with a bathroom/laundry/basement combo, a single wide trailer, a farmhouse (not trendy) on a pig farm.

No matter where I moved, though, I collected things along the way and managed to make our house a home.

When we moved into our current home, it was the first time I ever really felt settled. We finally decided after all of our moves, this home on 17 acres would be it! Done and amen.

Because this would be the house I may have grandkids play in one day I wanted it to represent my journey. That is when I started thinking about home decorating.

Maybe you, like me, love to decorate. Or maybe it’s overwhelming and you have no clue where to begin!

One of my favorite quotes from Joanna Gaines is this: “wherever you are, find a way to love the home you’re in. Create a space where everyone who lives there feels at home.”

Doesn’t that just make you love her even more?!

From my house on the pig farm to my singlewide trailer, it was always about creating a space that was full of personality and felt comfortable.

I hope this post encourages or inspires you to just create a space you love! It’s not about creating a Pinterest perfect home but a home where people feel welcome to put their feet up and stay a while! Warning: sometimes it can be too cozy and you may have to tell your guests that you are turning the lights off because it’s time to go!

1. Declutter – I may include this in every blog post but I promise this is essential to home decorating. Nothing will look good if you have too much clutter! Too many colors can clutter up a room, too. Avoid using more than three colors in a room. Note: Halloween is the exception; go crazy.

2. Use what you have! After you declutter, move things around. Furniture, wall art, photos, mirrors…move them around and find a new space! It’s okay to get rid of things, too. Goodwill is happy to take what you don’t want and make it available to someone else.

3. Sort it out – this is a must for me. Start by removing all home décor items in your room. Sort your wall décor, floral, candles, etc. and then move on to the next room. This is where you will really be able to see what you have, use what you have, and create something new! Again, just have fun with it and try something different.

4. Find your inspiration – From sitting in my cozy chair and watching Gilmore Girls to scrolling through Pinterest or Instagram to gathering up a handful of magazines at Barnes and Noble (while sitting in the coffee shop wishing I liked coffee) … I find inspiration everywhere. We all have enough stress in life - decorating should not add to that.

5. Know when to shop – I am one of those people who will not buy anything if it is not on sale or from TJ Maxx. Hobby Lobby always has 50% off on their items, so make sure you go when the item you want is on sale! If you are wanting to have first pick on seasonal items – you have to go before the season arrives. Why do you think they put Christmas out in July? The bloggers and influencers are ready to buy it up and tempt you months before!

6. Know where to shop – every person I know who has a budget or has an endless shopping allowance has certain items they will spend hundreds on and other items they want to save on. I love finding unique pieces and supporting local shops like my favorite Rod Works! That means I will spend more on wall décor but I will wait until floral is on sale at Hobby Lobby or I will shop the dollar bins at Target and visit a dozen TJ Maxx just to find two matching pillows. Ask yourself what makes you happy. What are your must haves?

7. Know how to shop – For me, shopping is a great stress reliever but coupons stress me out. I hate coupons. Never ever are they what I think they are for. I end up wanting to hurt someone and risk getting security called on me (just kidding). Instead, I keep everything in my email inbox. This includes discounts, coupons, rewards and it reduces the risk of me being the crazy lady going viral for coming across the counter when my expired coupon doesn’t work. I never shop on Saturdays because that is when everyone else is shopping. I never ever go shopping on a holiday weekend because people are crazy! And if I have to venture into Walmart, I pray. Hard.

8. Use meaningful items – from things you purchased on a special trip, or a special treasure from a family member, something unique from antique store or the best deal ever at a thrift store. This is where your space will get its personality and feel like home.

9. Focus on one room at a time – if you are on a tight budget, a tight schedule or just not sure where to begin - start with one room. Adding in some throw pillows, a throw blanket, a candle, or a new plant can change a room instantly. Mixing in the new and old will give your space a makeover while helping you stick to your budget.

10. Ask for help – we all know we can Google pretty much anything, but I love getting ideas from people who love decorating. One thing about the Instagram community is that people are so helpful! Message someone who inspires you and ask if you can send a picture of a room or a wall and get their thoughts. Shop local. Small business owners are passionate about their storefronts and will have ideas you may never have thought of before. I love to shop local because of people like Jackie at Rod Works who is absolutely wonderful at making suggestions and offering ideas and providing the best décor!



Brittany Byers
Brittany Byers
Jan 30, 2021

I always feel so comfortable and happy at your house. Your skill for decorating is serious and it looks so beautiful!


You definitely have the decorating gift, my friend! Great suggestions!

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