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Surviving the Quarantine

Its been since last August since I posted on my blog and maybe later I can share the reasons why.

But as I scrolled through my old blog post I found the post I called “March Madness”! How fitting “March Madness”!!! Anyone else feel that March was madness?

As I reread this blog post and the 10 ways to survive winter – I believe that can be applied to our current quarantine! It just looks a little different but some of the struggles still remain.

So here is my updated list:

  1. GRACE! GRACE! GRACE!!! Never ever changes no matter what month, what season, or pandemic – God’s GRACE is sufficient!

  2. Call a friend! Like call them and check on them! Ask how they are doing and make a lunch date for when it is safe!

  3. Tell someone you are sorry! Perhaps it’s a spouse (Lord knows we have all been together enough to get on each other’s last nerve), a family member, a co-worker – we can say we are sorry no matter where we are! And it really does change everything!

  4. Amen to Eastern Daylight Savings Time! When you clock out – get outside and let the sunshine hit your face! It does a soul good!

  5. I miss planning parties but I have loved slowing down and just being home. Plan a party with your spouse or kids! Pull out the fancy table cloth and make dinner seem extra special! If you are like me and tired of cooking – just make a frozen pizza! 😊

  6. No better time to stick to your budget then when everything is closed! If you are still being tempted by online shopping – unsubscribe to those emails! Turn it off! Don’t keep temptation right in front of you! I have detoxed from TJ Maxx and it feels amazing!!! And I still am able to function! Who knew?

  7. Decorating – still my favorite! Allow yourself to be you and the freedom to make your home all about you! Don’t get caught up in the comparison game! I love this quote by Emily Burchfield she shared last week on our online gathering,“Becoming a Homeschool Family Overnight. Don’t compare! Get ideas from others but remember that families are different and priorities are different.”

  8. Laughter is truly the best medicine! Turn off the news and stop reading depressing stories!!! Memes for Jesus has been my favorite and always makes me laugh!

  9. Dance Dance Dance – still good for your health and typically brings a lot of laughter too! I don’t have “Tik Tok” but I have seen a few videos and it proves anyone can dance! Its free and its fun!!

  10. John 10:10 – memorize it!

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1 Comment

Brittany Byers
Brittany Byers
Apr 22, 2020

Love this friend and I want to implement a few of your ideas!

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