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Turning 50 Bucket List Updates

Thank goodness we created this fun bucket list. Because honestly turning 50 is not so thrilling, especially when they make you drink a fluid that puts you in the bathroom for entirely too long! However, thanks to that, my summer weight loss program is off to a kicking start!

Back in February we shared out Carters Turning 50 Bucket List. Y’all, this has been too much fun.

Here are the 22 items completed (and photos for proof):

  1. Started a LifeGroup for empty nesters and call it “Freebirds”

  2. Saw the Grand Canyon

  3. Launched this blog

  4. Beach trip during the winter

  5. Drew & Ellie Holcomb concert

  6. Visited Sedona, Arizona (I could do 30 blog posts just on this town – so cute!)

  7. Keeping the weight down

  8. Escape Room Asheville

  9. Booked a trip to Jamaica with friends

  10. Sang karaoke

  11. Thrift shopping for a day

  12. Dance lessons

  13. Went to a downtown restaurant we’d never been to

  14. Cooked a meal we have never made

  15. Bought a (dream) lawnmower (Andy)

  16. Steph found a hobby!

  17. Made one change to our wardrobe

  18. Saw a cactus in the desert

  19. Took photo with the family in Christmas PJs at the beach in the winter

  20. Rode ATVs in the desert

  21. Invited our neighbor to our house

  22. Treated a friend to lunch

Coming soon: Trivia Night, Horseback riding, Andy driving a motorcycle, Steph taking a yoga class, contra dancing, family graveside, test drive a fancy RV…

What kind of bucket list have you made? Are you checking anything fun off your list this summer? I want to hear about it!

1 comment

1 Comment

Hello Stephanie, Wow,I really enjoyed your blog about your “50” bucket list! You are so right about Sedona; that’s one of my favorite towns in the whole USA, and I’ve done lots of climbing over those beautiful red rocks! Btw, I’ll be 61 one month from today and I’ve never made out my bucket list, so I guess that I’d better get busy on that, huh? Thanks for sharing so much about your’s and Andy’s bucket list! You both are awesome and have an amazing and adventurous spirit about you! I pray that God blesses you both with a great and super week!! Love and prayers, Bruce

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